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Hawaii Born & Raised


Meet the Cohen sisters - Tina and Sally, born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, where the ocean is more than just a passion - it runs through their veins. With their father being a professional surf photographer  and their mother a professional bodyboarder from Japan, the sisters were raised to appreciate and respect the ocean. Homeschooled by their parents, they learned to speak both Japanese and English, spending most of their free time at the beach.

The Hawaiian waters and culture adopted them, and the sisters grew to be the women they are today. It was from a young age that they knew they wanted to create their own bikini company, one that reflected their love and passion for the ocean. With years of hard work and dedication, AOKAI was born - a name that is unique and meaningful, representing the blue ocean that they hold so deeply in their hearts.

[ao] "BLUE" in Japanese
[kai] "OCEAN" in Hawaiian

While AOKAI is their full-time job, the sisters have other fun things going on in their lives. Sally is currently ranked as the world #1 on a longboard tour and in the top 10 on the WSL world tour, while Tina is a model, surfer, and YouTuber who travels the world documenting her journey. Both sisters are dedicated to living a fun life while sharing their love and knowledge of swimwear with everyone.

Sally's Social Media: INSTAGRAM // TIKTOK

Tina's Social Media: INSTAGRAM // YOUTUBE // TIKTOK