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Hawaii Born & Raised


The love for the ocean runs through our veins. Our father, a professional surf photographer from San Diego, and our mother, a professional bodyboarder from Japan, both share the same passion and deep connection with the ocean. Which is why our parents decided to move to Hawaii and raise us kids around the ocean while homeschooling us, which gave us the ability to learn and speak both Japanese and English while spending our days at the beach. Most of our friends were made at the ocean and at our hula halau, where we focused on respecting, understanding, and appreciating the Hawaiian culture. 
You could say the Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiian waters had adopted us and watched us grow to the women we are now. 
We wore swimsuits from a young age and it was very early on when we knew we wanted to create our very own bikini company one day. With the endless passion and love of the oceans, and years of hard work and dedication, AOKAI was born. 

[ao] "BLUE" in Japanese
[kai] "OCEAN" in Hawaiian

This name was unique and meaningful, representing the blue ocean that we love and cherish so deeply.  Being surrounded by the blue ocean our entire life, we knew AOKAI was the perfect name for our company.